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Overview: Talent management continues to be a growing challenge for many supply management organizations. A common problem for organizations is how to assess the abilities of their staff, improve their performance and recruit new competent ones. To address this concern, ISM-INDIA has developed Competency-based Assessment Tool which can be used for developing Capacity Development Programs and Recruitment.

Competency: Competencies, in the most general terms, are “things” that an individual must demonstrate to be effective in a job, role, function, task, or duty.It is a measureable set of knowledge, skills and attitudes which leads to specific behavior.

Competency Map: Procurement & Supply Management

To be Procurement & Supply Management Leader, there is need to demonstrate an adequate level of proficiency in 17 key competencies.

Each of the above competencies have list of sub-competencies, which is essential to develop Competency Map for different levels of Jobs. These are customized based on need of the organization.


Competency Assessment:

Broadly there are two approaches to assess the competency level and identify the gaps.

  • Knowledge Based Testing: For decades, tests have been conducted to qualify person’s knowledge of various subject matters. Through factual questions in a multiple choice or true/false format, a person’s knowledge can be quantitatively verified. To accurately assess the knowledge & skill possessed by procurement professionals/groups, scientifically-designed question pools are used to test each participant’s competency understanding at medium, high, and expert levels of comprehension.
  • Self-Assessment Survey: This technique has each staff member subjectively evaluate their own talent level. But even with an additional data point, this approach is obviously quite subjective. This can be used at Senior Level but they have to demonstrate evidence to justify the survey.






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